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Ctrip, jixiang and chunqiu borrowed a total of 1.71 billion yuan from icbc

Date: 2020-02-22

Icbc lent 610 million yuan to ctrip group through its free trade account, and 1.1 billion yuan to spring airlines and jixiang airlines.

During the Spring Festival and the outbreak of xinguan pneumonia, many travel service companies and airlines suffered heavy losses and ran out of funds.On February 21st, in the 21st century economic report from the Shanghai local financial regulator found in a public document, spring airlines, the airline and ctrip group for response to a national unified hotel and airline ticket unsubscribe policy, large funds under pressure, the industrial and commercial bank through free trade account to ctrip group loans 610 million yuan, to the spring and autumn airlines and airline to lend 1.1 billion yuan.

Prior to January 21, in the early stage of the outbreak of xinguan pneumonia in wuhan, ctrip launched a cancellation guarantee policy for wuhan. Ctrip provided free cancellation guarantee for hotel, ticket and car orders.Ctrip will bear the loss of hotel orders that cannot be coordinated.The confirmed and suspected cases of ctrip pneumonia, as well as those who have close contact with ctrip, can cancel all products on ctrip's platform for free, and ctrip will bear the losses.With the spread of the disease, ctrip's hotel, independent travel, group travel, and airline cancellation policies have also been expanded to the global scope, and now it can return free group travel around the world before the end of march.

The Spring Festival is originally a travel peak, ctrip for the new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control is also undertaking a lot of business and financial pressure.According to China business daily, on February 20, ctrip's outbound travel business line officials said in an interview: "ctrip has been dealing with customers' cancellations and refunds since the government announced the suspension of outbound travel, and ctrip's business lines are still under great pressure.In particular, after the WHO announcement on January 31, many countries around the world introduced policies to restrict entry to China, foreign airlines cancelled routes, and ctrip's outbound tourism business has been suspended in response to the policies of other countries."

How much of the lost revenue?You can look at previous years.According to the comprehensive estimation of China tourism academy, during the 2019 Spring Festival holiday, the total number of tourists in China reached 415 million, up 7.6% year on year.Tourism revenue reached 513.9 billion yuan during the holidays, up 8.2% year on year.According to the data forecast, the total tourism revenue of the Spring Festival golden week will account for about 8% of the total annual tourism revenue.