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biaoyouscore:5.0 / 52023-09-25
As a customer staying in ~ ~ ~ Hotel, I feel from my heart with my own experience that ~ ~ ~ hotel environment is clean, room layout is perfect, elegant and emotional, and considerate service makes people very comfortable. It creates a feeling of home for me. No matter big or small, it is so impeccable, and the price is also very reasonable.
lifu757254score:5.0 / 52023-09-24
The garden hotel in the city, the environment is very good, the room is a little small, but there are French windows balcony, you can enjoy the green in the balcony. Near the subway station, the traffic is convenient, opposite the hotel is Shuangan shopping mall, convenient for shopping and eating. I'll check in again. The location is very convenient!
boygcxscore:5.0 / 52023-09-17
Good environment, relatively quiet, close to Metro 4!
Adele06score:5.0 / 52023-09-12
Very good
dong_1971score:5.0 / 52023-09-07
Every time customers ask to stay in this hotel, if it's not good, can you make a reservation? The transportation is convenient, the stay is comfortable, and the service is considerate!
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