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Sanya International Duty Free City: Average daily passenger flow exceeds 30,000

Date: 2020-09-13

In the two months since the new policy was implemented on July 1, the number of visitors to the store exceeded 1.8 million, a year-on-year increase of 60%.

"We are all busy flying!" A staff member said when a reporter from Hainan Daily contacted Sanya International Duty Free City for an interview on September 7.

"The cumulative tax exemption limit per person for outlying islands will be raised from 30,000 yuan to 100,000 yuan per year, the 8,000 yuan tax exemption limit for a single product will be cancelled, and seven types of duty-free products including natural honey, tea and tea products, alcohol, and mobile phones will be added. The new policy has rapidly increased the popularity of Hainan’s outlying island duty free in the country, effectively stimulating the enthusiasm of consumers across the country to travel and shop in Hainan.” said Gao Xujiang, executive director and general manager of CDFG Sanya Duty Free Shop Co., Ltd., the new policy will be implemented on July 1. In the past two months, the number of visitors to the store exceeded 1.8 million, a year-on-year increase of 60%, and the average daily passenger flow exceeded 30,000.

Since July, reporters have visited Sanya International Duty Free City twice, and each time they have seen long queues of consumers waiting to enter the store for shopping. According to statistics, in July and August, the Haitang Bay tourist area where the Duty Free City is located, the hotel occupancy rate approached 100% every day.

"In order to cooperate with the release of the overall plan of the Free Trade Port and the new tax-free policy on outlying islands, the Duty Free City has increased its cooperation with world-renowned brands and introduced more marketable products, especially increasing orders for popular products such as fragrances, watches, and jewelry. Fully guarantee sales." Gao Xujiang said, in order to provide consumers with a good duty-free shopping experience, Duty Free City actively optimizes the store service process, increases the city's display stores, expands the area of outlying islands, and adds a new one in the T1 terminal of Sanya Phoenix Airport Duty-free pick-up points, the airport pick-up windows increased from 18 to 38; in order to solve the problem of consumers queuing to check out, the Duty Free City has added a number of temporary checkout counters.

In order to ensure the implementation of the Free Trade Port policy, Sanya International Duty Free City has received strong support from governments at all levels in its operation. Relevant departments have introduced timely measures in commodity clearance and taxation processing to create good conditions for enterprise development and operation.

Gao Xujiang said that Sanya International Duty Free City will cooperate with the Group to continue to promote the integrated operation of Hainan, integrate high-quality resources, increase investment in people, finances, and materials, make every effort to expand the effect of the duty-free market on outlying islands, continue to optimize the brand layout, and bring more consumers to consumers. International brands welcomed by consumers are introduced to the Hainan market to meet diversified shopping needs and ensure sufficient goods in the Hainan market; launch more innovative and more powerful online and offline promotional activities to benefit consumers and enhance the shopping experience.