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Nepal allows travel agencies, hotels and restaurants to resume operations

Date: 2020-09-19

Although the new crown epidemic in Nepal continues to rebound, the Nepalese government has allowed travel agencies, hotels and restaurants to resume operations on the 17th after making relevant anti-epidemic regulations.

After Nepal lifted the national blockade on July 22, the epidemic continued to rebound. According to data from the Ministry of Health and Population of Nigeria on the 16th, in the past 24 hours, there were 1539 new confirmed cases of new crown in the country, a record high in the number of new confirmed cases in a single day since the outbreak. The country has a total of 58,327 confirmed cases and a total of 379 deaths. A considerable number of deaths were diagnosed after death.

The Nigerian government has also made detailed anti-epidemic regulations for allowing the above-mentioned places to resume business. For example, the size of a travel agency's group tour should not exceed 15 people, and extra masks must be provided; the hotel reception must provide anti-epidemic materials such as hand sanitizer, and the number of seats in the hotel lobby must be As little as possible; restaurants cannot provide buffet services, and generally no more than 4 people can eat at the same table. In addition, the government has also announced specific anti-epidemic measures for the transportation and passenger transportation industry. For example, the number of passengers in a vehicle can only be half of the number of seats, and passengers must wear masks throughout the journey.

The Nepalese government also decided on the 14th of this month to resume domestic commercial passenger flights and long-distance passenger services that had been interrupted for nearly 6 months from the 21st. On September 1, Nepal announced the partial resumption of international commercial passenger flight services, but stipulated that the number of daily arrivals could not exceed 800 and that foreign tourists were not allowed to enter.

Nepal’s Minister of Culture, Tourism, and Civil Aviation Batlay recently stated that considering the fact that a large number of Nepalese overseas will return to China to celebrate the country’s largest festival, Desai, the department has proposed to increase the maximum number of daily arrivals to 2500 people.