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Harbin: 532,100 tourists received during the New Year's Day holiday, ice and snow tourism is popular

Date: 2021-01-10

From 1st to 3rd, 46,000 visitors to Harbin Ice and Snow World entered the park.

On January 4, the reporter learned from the Harbin Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism that from January 1st to 3rd, 11 Harbin’s key monitored tourist attractions received a total of 532,117 tourists, and the city’s 21 open museums received 24,220 tourists. . In 2020, Harbin Airport will complete a passenger throughput of 13.51 million passengers, ranking first in the Northeast for five consecutive years.

"Ice and Snow Fashion Tour" shows its charm

In this ice and snow season, Harbin has launched seven ice and snow tourism themed products for tourists from all over the country, attracting more domestic tourists to experience the charm of ice and snow tourism and becoming a popular tourist city on New Year's Day.

Harbin Ice and Snow World reproduces classic buildings from Central and Eastern European countries such as Yekaterinburg, Moscow Station, Athens Theater in Greece, etc. As the most popular ace project over the years, the speed slide has 8 slides and a super snow ring slide. The exquisite and delicate ice sculptures and high-quality services attract endless tourists. From the 1st to the 3rd, the Harbin Ice and Snow World had 46,000 visitors, of which about 40% were citizens of Harbin. Most of the tourists from other places were from Shanghai to Guangzhou.

On the eve of the holiday, Chunqiu Group recruited thousands of tourists from 15 cities across the country and came to Harbin in different batches during the ice and snow season. The first batch of tourists entered the Ice and Snow World Park after going through the normalized epidemic prevention and control procedures such as scanning codes, temperature measurement, and face recognition. The ice and snow world at night is radiant and charming, making these southern tourists both Surprised and excited, they put various poses around the ice scene to take pictures, fixed the beauty in the lens, and spread the most charming ice and snow scenery of the ice city to every corner of the motherland, helping Harbin winter tourism.

During the three-day long holiday, the third Harbin Songhua River Ice and Snow Carnival was full of voices. The 1.4 million square meters of Harbin Songhua River Ice and Snow Carnival continued the usual practice of previous years. There is no ticket for free admission to the park. The Songhua River has become a sea of joy, and charity entertainment projects such as ice hills and seesaws are open to the public for free. In addition to free public welfare projects, ice and snow entertainment projects such as ice hovercraft, snow bumper cars, ice and snow four-wheel drive vehicles, and floating banana boats are also constantly visited.

Central Street, Ice and Snow World, Songhua River Ice and Snow Carnival and other key scenic spots have received widespread attention and have been on CCTV news many times.

"Ice and Snow Creative Tour" is very popular

During the New Year's Day holiday, major scenic spots in Harbin adjusted product content and structure according to market characteristics and tourist needs, and added creative interactive ice and snow projects. Traditional winter popular projects such as skiing tours and hot spring tours continued to increase in popularity. On December 28th, Yabuli Ski Resort was selected as a national tourist resort, attracting more ski enthusiasts from all over the country to experience "speed and passion"; the country's first ice and snow tourism theme special train "Yabuli Snow Country Train" , Has gradually become the "net celebrity train" in the new snow season, attracting tourists to come to check in and experience. Among them, ski enthusiasts in the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta increased by 20% year-on-year.

On December 29, the Songhua River Ice and Snow Carnival launched the "Peace Elite" ice and snow theme park. Realize the deep linkage between online and offline. In the offline "Peace Elite" ice and snow theme park, there are the ice and snow sculpture artwork that restores the game and the updated ice slide of the new version of "Peace Elite", as well as the largest IP-themed snow maze in China based on the game IP "three-level head". Created the world's first real ice projection interactive show, which brings the audio-visual shock with the original "game scene" + "ice and snow environment projection" overlapping human landscape interaction. Realizing the multi-directional and interactive sensory experience of seeing, hearing, touching, and integrating the most popular digital IP at the moment, it can be described as a comprehensive upgrade of the cultural travel experience, bringing tourists a new immersive ice and snow experience.

Poseidon Sea World will open on December 31, and Xinhaidu Hot Spring will open for trial operation on January 2nd, launching creative hot spring themed performing arts activities, making tourists linger. Harbin is also actively enriching the supply of holiday products and creating various cultural and tourism brand activities. The ice-snow theme music of "Peace Elite" "War Is Coming" was performed on the ice surface of Songhua River, praising human beings' fearless challenge and desire for adventure; and "Playing the Sound of Peace" HSO2021 Sofia Concert Hall New Year Concert. In accordance with the requirements of the epidemic prevention and control work, the "2020 Harbin New Concert" innovated performance methods and launched online performances. Nearly 500,000 spectators watched the New Year's concert online.

Unprecedented "Ice and Snow Tour for the People"

During the ice and snow season, Harbin continued to launch the "Harbin Huiyou Full Netcom" cultural tourism benefit activities. Up to now, it has issued more than 42 million yuan in cultural tourism consumption subsidies, driving tourists to directly consume nearly 300 million yuan. Visitors to Kazakhstan can enjoy full reduction rights and enjoy the highest government subsidies in history as long as they book accommodation hotels, scenic spots, and tourist routes in Kazakhstan on the platform, which really benefits tourists. Tickets for Harbin Ice and Snow World and Sun Island Snow Expo were all reduced to 100 yuan.

"Ice and Snow Safe Tour" peace of mind

On the eve of New Year's Day, in order to ensure the safe travel of tourists, Harbin's cultural and tourism department issued the "New Year's Holiday Travel Reminders in 2021" before the holiday to vigorously promote civilized tourism, promote the normalization of reservations for tourist attractions, and achieve limited numbers, appointments, and off-peak admission. . During the holidays, the cultural and tourism departments of Harbin City are divided into areas and contracted systems, and focus on supervising and inspecting scenic spots, cultural performance venues, Internet cafes and entertainment venues, movie theaters, etc., requiring cultural and tourism venues to strictly implement national, provincial, and municipal epidemic prevention and control and holiday safety during holidays Work requirements, strictly implement the industry's epidemic prevention guidelines and standards, prepare emergency plans and drills, standardize the cleaning and disinfection of premises and equipment, warmly remind tourists to wear masks scientifically, maintain social distancing, strengthen staff management, and ensure winter travel epidemic prevention and control and safety The work is implemented and detailed. Issue a rectification reminder letter for cultural tourism sites that have problems in the prevention and control of the epidemic, ordering the establishment of rectification. The cultural departments at all levels in the city remain on duty 24 hours a day, handle emergencies in a timely manner, accept complaints from tourists, effectively safeguard the safety of tourists' lives and property, ensure full coverage of tourism supervision services, the entire process, and no dead ends, and ensure the safety and order of holiday tourism in the city. (* Article source: Northeast Net)