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Harbin Polar Park: The world's first polar bear hotel opens on March 12

Date: 2021-03-11

The second phase of the Harbin Polar Museum-Polar Park will welcome guests on the 12th, and the world's first polar bear hotel will also open simultaneously. Tourists can purchase tickets for the Polar Bear Pavilion and book the Polar Bear Hotel through the official channels of Harbin Polar Park.

Harbin Polar Park spent 100 million yuan to build the world's first polar bear hotel, which was jointly designed by the famous Russian designer Kozylenko Natalia Yefremovna and the famous Japanese theme park designer Shuji Miyajima. In order to provide visitors with a better experience and vision, the hotel has customized 33 pieces of strengthened glass, which are distributed in various functional areas of the hotel. Visitors can look down on the polar bear and dine with the polar bear when they are dining; in any room, they can see the polar bear through the tempered glass, and they can "sleep together" with the polar bear at night. Polar bears can accompany you around the clock for 24 hours. In January 2021, the Polar Bear Hotel was shortlisted for the "Top Ten Ice and Snow Fashion" projects at the China Ice and Snow Tourism Development Forum with outstanding performance in creativity, appearance, architecture, and experience.

The Polar Bear Pavilion restores the real Arctic scene, and visitors can experience the ultimate experience of feeding polar bears and eating food. The Polar Bear Pavilion has built an outdoor sunshine area, where polar bears can go skating, playing in the snow, and basking in the open air. At the same time, a high-tech 3D interactive area has been built. Children can join polar bears, penguins and other polar animals in the surrounding glaciers. "Hide and seek".